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Galaxia Moneytree forms domestic aviation finance STO consortium

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Galaxia Moneytree forms domestic aviation finance STO consortium

September 28, 2023

Cirium partners with Galaxia Moneytree, VMIC, Eugene Investment Securities and Shinhan Investment Securities to form a STO consortium.

  • Eugene Investment Securities, Shinhan Investment Securities, VMIC, and Cirium participate in STO Consortium.
  • The partnership aims to provide innovative financial solutions in aviation finance.

South Korea’s leading STO (Security Token Offering) company, Galaxia Moneytree, announced on September 15 that it signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) for the establishment of an aviation finance token securities issuance (STO) consortium. Participating in this MOU are Eugene Investment Securities, Shinhan Investment Securities, VMIC, and Cirium.

VMIC is South Korea’s first aviation and aircraft engine technical management company, providing services such as aircraft and engine leasing management, aviation industry analysis, and aviation finance based on technical and financial expertise.

Cirium is a global aviation analytics company with 114 years of aviation experience, offering real-time aircraft location analysis, aircraft asset value monitoring and benchmarking, and flight-based weather and emissions data.

In this aviation finance STO consortium, Galaxia Moneytree will oversee the consortium’s operations and handle the development and operation of the aviation finance token securities issuance platform. Eugene Investment Securities and Shinhan Investment Securities, respectively, will support trust and account management and the development, operation, and commercialization of STO distribution platforms. VMIC will be responsible for aircraft engine asset management support, service management, and aviation finance expertise, while Cirium will provide support for aircraft engine asset value assessment and aviation data.

According to a spokesperson from Galaxia Moneytree, in addition to the five companies participating in the consortium, discussions are actively underway with relevant government agencies such as the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, and the Korea Aerospace Association to promote aviation finance-based STO businesses.

The goal of South Korea’s first aviation finance STO consortium is to provide leasing and lease pooling STO for core equipment such as aircraft engines using token securities issuance as a new fundraising method.

This is expected to secure private capital inflows and improve efficiency and a stable investment environment in the aviation finance sector, leading to enhanced domestic aviation competitiveness.

Furthermore, the most important part of the STO is the appraisal of the asset. The most trusted source for aircraft finance STO investors is Cirium, the world’s largest aviation data analytics company, which provides highly accurate engine appraisals.

Donghun Shin, CEO of Galaxia Moneytree, said: “This consortium will be a crucial turning point in securing a unique position in the aviation finance STO sector and in driving innovation. The agreement on aviation finance STO will promote the development of domestic aviation industry and enhance global competitiveness. It will also provide investors with new investment opportunities through alternative investments.”

Galaxia Moneytree is in active communication with relevant government agencies in various business sectors to sign MOUs and launch initiatives in fisheries finance, carbon emission rights, renewable energy, and thoroughbred STOs. Additionally, they have invested in joint ventures (JVs) for distribution, solidifying their position as a leading company in the token securities business industry.

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