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Cirium’s airline data distribution: 5 benefits of partnership

August 1, 2023

By joining Cirium’s free data distribution program, your airline becomes part of an elite group that includes over 900 of the world’s most prestigious carriers.

Cirium has been a reliable partner to airlines for more than a century, working closely with the aviation community since the pioneering era of flight initiated by the Wright brothers. Throughout our 100+ year history, our primary mission has remained constant: facilitating connections between airlines and the worldwide aviation industry, fostering efficiency, collaboration, and growth, all while prioritizing passenger satisfaction.

By joining Cirium’s free data distribution program, your airline becomes part of an elite group that includes over 900 of the world’s most prestigious carriers. Together, we strive to ensure seamless integration and exceptional experiences for all.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Greater Visibility through Multiple Channels
    Reach a wider audience with increased visibility across more than 1,700 touchpoints. Cirium’s data powers channels such as GDS, internet search engines, mobile apps, online travel agencies, travel management companies, and airport display boards. This means your airline’s schedules, waivers, flight status and fleet data reach a diverse range of potential customers, resulting in more bookings and higher revenues.

  • Enhanced Efficiency through Streamlined Operations
    An airline’s effectiveness hinges on the efficiency of its ground partners. Whether it’s security, fueling, catering, or airport services, all these crucial components of air travel rely on Cirium for one consolidated feed of accurate data from all our airline partners.

  • Enhanced Support and Expertise
    Access a dedicated team of aviation industry experts at Cirium. They possess extensive knowledge and experience and understand the challenges airlines face. By relying on our expertise, airlines can focus on their core activities while entrusting data management to our professionals.

  • Enhanced Branding and Awareness
    For more than 14 years, Cirium has produced the On Time Performance (OTP) Report, with extensive coverage in notable publications such as Bloomberg, Reuters, the Wall Street Journal and Nikkei. Sharing your content with us conveys your truth to the marketplace in a timely and accurate fashion and allows you to leverage that information as content for your promotional channels.

  • IATA Code Registration
    Every airline was a start-up at one point, and Cirium is proud to say we’ve assisted 100s of airlines over the years when applying for their IATA designator code. Our dedicated team is here to support all airlines going through the two-letter application process as well as their three-digit numeric code application. We will coordinate with IATA in a timely manner and help get you up to speed and flying as fast as possible.  And with our strict quality control processes we will identify any anomalies with your schedule ahead of publication.

At Cirium, we believe we’re all better when we work together. We want to work alongside you to help you gain greater visibility, increase revenue, smooth out your operations, and build customer loyalty through expanded distribution of your data.

To take your airline to new heights and join the ranks of the world’s leading carriers, reach out to us and a partnership program manager will be in touch. 

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