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Cirium has the number one source of aviation and air travel data — the Cirium Core

With so many rapid developments across the industry, visualizing analytics becomes critical to understanding what is happening in order to quickly respond and better solve problems. Access to data and focused, actionable insights becomes essential. Cirium partners with travel companies, aircraft manufacturers, airports, airlines, financial institutions and others to stay ahead of the curve.

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Four solution routes to success

We've spent time understanding what our customers' need be make targeted, profitable, and informed decisions.

  • Improve traveler experience - Cirium's suite of data and predictive analytics helps you minimise disruption, improve customer satisfaction and increase your profit margins
  • Develop commercial strategy -  Planning, developing and pricing air travel products in the air transport industry and related areas, is made easy with Cirium
  • Manage financial investments - Effective management of aircraft and aviation assets for aircraft financing and leasing, aviation investments and insurance.
  • Elevate air operations - Safety and efficiency comes first. Cirium's bespoke solutions help drive effective use of aircraft fleets from delivery to retirement
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