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Achieve situational awareness through Cirium’s global, enhanced and accessible range of aeronautical data APIs.

Keeping air traffic moving safely

The Cirium Core’s aeronautical information is a foundational dataset used extensively throughout the aviation industry. Cirium APIs unlock the value in this global data and make it more accessible to the next generation of applications and systems. Data on global airspaces, airports, en-route airways, waypoints, navaids and FIRs is enhanced, filtered and made available in formats such as AIXM and GeoJSON.

FIR and routes aeronautical chart

Expand and extend effortlessly

Start small and expand by accessing key aeronautical datasets specifically for your geographic regions of interest.

Excel through data quality

Ensure accuracy through using a manually verified dataset sourced from the same content utilized within commercial flight management systems.

Focus on content and information

Choose from multiple data formats (GeoJSON, AIXM, etc.) – and focus on delivering value rather than data transformation and normalization.

FIR and aerodromes aeronatics chart

Add Context with no effort

Combine aeronautical data with other key Cirium data sets to achieve a unique, full picture of events (such as the 360-degree view of a flight).

Stay up-to-date

The aeronautical data available through The Cirium Core and Cirium APIs is automatically updated according to AIRAC cycle.

Reduce complexity

Aeronautical data can be difficult to decipher and parse. As data experts, Cirium handles complexity so your team doesn’t have to.

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