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Manage risk with the most accurate aircraft leasing and aviation finance data

​Monitoring aircraft market values and making informed aircraft leasing decisions requires constant access to industry data. Our analysis into a global fleet’s growth over the next 20 years can inform your mid-long investment strategy with the values you need on aircraft utilization rate and aircraft depreciation.

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What our customers say

“FlightGlobal (Cirium) provides me with a reliable source of information and insight I know I can trust.”

VP of Risk Management at Falko Regional Aircraft Ltd

“I use FlightGlobal’s (Cirium's) data solutions to help solve and overcome business challenges, e.g. to stay up to date with what is happening in the market and get accurate and comprehensive aircraft data.”

Senior Industry Analyst at Davy Research

Our financial risk experts

Are you confident your teams have the most accurate assessments of the aviation market? For you to develop profitable business strategies and make informed aircraft trading decisions, your team needs access to all the right information. Our team has the most extensive aviation insight the market has to offer, including:

  • Both ISTAT and ASA certified appraisers, experts in accidents and economists
  • Over five decades of experience delivering thousands of independent and trusted valuations and reports
  • A global view of all areas of the market, including the opportunities and risks
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