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Why our hours and cycles fleet data is the most trusted

Operating without a comprehensive understanding of aircraft utilization patterns increases your financial risk, reduces your flight operations efficiency and prevents you from having a complete view of the competition.

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What our customers say

“FlightGlobal’s (Cirium's) fleets database is the number one solution available in the marketplace.”

Business Intelligence Manager at OGMA

"[FlightGlobal’s data] [Cirium's data] has brought a significant amount of ease and efficiency to my colleagues at Bombardier. We always relied upon FlightGlobal (Cirium) for the most respected, accurate fleet data, and now with online access we’re able to move quickly with a clear understanding of where the real opportunities are."

Technical Services and Customer Analytics Manager at Bombardier Commercial Aircraft

Our air operations experts

How are you building out your market plans and maintaining service differentiators when the global fleet is constantly changing? Take action and partner with the only company that can merge commercial flight schedules, actual flight activity and the global aircraft fleet into one powerhouse of data and analytics. Work with our team of experts who:

  • Have a fierce passion for aircraft that makes them dedicated quality control and best practice. Many are plane spotters and photographers with an eye for detail
  • Have spent years covering the industry as journalists and speaking at events as thought leaders
  • Built trusted industry relationships to find new data points, create new features and make sure we are accurately representing changes in the market
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