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Contextual demand insight

Developing passenger behavior and trend intelligence with machine learning

Cirium announced the acquisition in March of 2021 of Migacore, a travel tech start-up that has applied machine learning technology to demand signals for forecasting.

 On November 22, 2021 Cirium launched Diio Signals, it’s first machine learning product for demand forecasting. Find out more.


machine learning and passenger behavior

Advanced machine learning

Understanding media influences

Artificial intelligence (AI) can help the industry move beyond existing forecasting and pricing systems by tracking passenger signals as they evolve through the media they consume.

Increase revenue and yield

Cirium is looking beyond current products and platforms at contextual data signals in order to maximize revenue.

Monitor consumer behavior

The goal is to act on customer intent before it materializes, to stay ahead of changes in preference and regional demand spikes like: holidays, deals, conferences and festivals.

Be proactive

Cirium machine learning applies how context has swayed purchasing, booking and search behavior in the past. Our AI is out-front in picking up and actioning new changes.

Cirium acquires travel tech start-up to transform airline forecasting

March 11, 2021

Cirium announces the acquisition of Migacore, a travel tech start-up that has applied machine learning technology to online data sources so airlines can better forecast travel demand.

“The airline industry has been experimenting with new sources of demand data for some time, but the pandemic has now made this an absolute necessity. Past booking patterns today give virtually no guide to current demand.”

Kevin O’Toole, chief strategy officer at Cirium

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