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Cirium 2020 Events

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Upcoming events

Value your future: The Impact of Covid-19 on aircraft values in 2020
28th October – 09:00 GMT

Join Rob Morris, Head of Global Consultancy, Ascend by Cirium and Thomas Kaplan, Senior Valuations Analyst, Ascend by Cirium, will discuss the affect on the previously overheated values for the narrow-body market, the implications on values if supply outstrips demands, placement of older wide-body aircraft in a deflated secondary market and an overview of aircraft lease rates.

Rob Morris, Global Head of Consultancy, Ascend by Cirium
Thomas Kaplan, Senior Valuations Analyst at Ascend by Cirium




Value your future: How can the aviation market plan for 2021?

18th November – 15:00 GMT, 3PM ET

Join presenters George Dimitroff, Head of Valuations, Ascend by Cirium and Richard Evans, Senior Aviation Analyst, Ascend by Cirium as they assess the impact of COVID-19 on aviation asset values.

George and Richard will discuss the latest impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the aviation industry: the current state of supply and demand and the effects on aircraft values and lease rates.


On-demand events

Transform Aviation with Data, for a New World (Webinar - 26th August)

Leaders across the aviation industry are now turning to advanced data and analytics to create models, to plan the future. In this webinar, we invite market leading Cirium customers who will present tips in a discussion about how to build a robust data and analytics strategy across aviation.

Nick Ward, Head of OEM Digital Solutions, Rolls-Royce Digital
Fabrice Valentin, Head of Global Market Forecast, Airbus
Bruce Dankberg, Director Portfolio Management, Altavair
Andrew Doyle, Market Development Director, Cirium

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Accelerating SWIM Implementation (28th July, 2020)

Ian Painter,
CEO Snowflake Software (now part of Cirium)
Oli Deakin, CTO Snowflake Software (now part of Cirium)

Join our aviation industry and technology experts as they provide you with top tips for implementing SWIM.

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Navigating the Flight Plan to Recovery – Covid-19 - With Q&A (July 30th, 2020)

Andrew Doyle
, Director of Market Development at Cirium
Rob Morris, Global Head of Consultancy at Cirium
Richard Evans, Senior Aviation Consultant at Cirium

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WEBINAR (June 23, 2020) - Post coronavirus recovery for aviation in China and the Asia Pacific region

Speakers: Rob Morris, Global Head of Consultancy and Joanna Lu, Head of Consultancy, Asia

- Impact of Covid-19 on the global aviation market and progress towards recovery in China and Asia-Pacific
- Outlook for Asian airline networks and implications for aircraft demand
- Exposure of the Airbus and Boeing orderbooks to Asian airlines
- Developments in the leasing market

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Passenger Experience Conference webinar series (June 17, 2020)
The outlook for aircraft interiors

Moderator: Andrew Doyle, Director Market Development, CiriumThis session will cover the latest fleet data from Cirium, the forecast for line-fit and retrofit of major interiors components from Tronos Aviation Consulting as well as trends in interior retrofits and line-fit products, plus insights from experts in key market segments.
Panel: Gary Weissel, Managing Officer, Tronos Aviation Consulting; Rob Morris, Global Head of Consultancy, Cirium; Matthew Nicholls, Sales Director, Tapis Corporation; Don Buchman, Vice President, Commercial Aviation, Viasat

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Airline Economics Virtual Event (June 17, 2020)
Aviation leasing and finance - State of the market

COVID -19 Impact Panel – where are we now?
09:30-10:30 British Summer Time (BST)
Moderator: Richard Hakes, Partner, Reed Smith LLP
Panel: Rob Morris, Global Head of Consultancy, Ascend by CIRIUM; Peter Sladic, Managing Director, Capital Markets and Outreach, Boeing Capital Corporation; Betsy R. Snyder, CFA – S&P Global; Mark Pearman-Wright, Head of Marketing, Aircraft Investors, Airbus

Asset management, Valuation & Appraisal Panel
Moderator: Lucy Shtenko, Partner, Watson Farley & Williams
Panel: George Dimitroff, Head of Valuations, ISTAT Appraiser, Ascend by CIRIUM; Ben Hughes, Vice President – Business Development, Rolls-Royce & Partners Finance; Phil Seymour, President, IBA; Andy Carlisle

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WEBINAR (June 2, 2020)  - In partnership with the World Aviation Festival
Supply & Demand, How is travel forever changed?

Panelists will discuss factors impacting supply & demand and how companies connected to the airline business can adapt to the coming changes.

Moderator: Paul Charles, Founder and CEO of The PC Agency
Panelists: Robyn Grassanovits, Cirium, VP Travel Products & Emerging Business, Cirium; Mikko Turtiainen, VP Market Management, Finnair

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WEBINAR (June 3, 2020) - In partnership with the Arabian Travel Market - Virtual New Solutions in a New World 

What are you doing to energize your operational performance?

Cirium will break down the power of analytics to increase performance. The discussion will share best practices for pulling actionable insights from current and historic performance data so you can plan ahead and be prepared for optimal results as markets open up.

Panelists: Louise Blake VP, Data, Seera; Paul Trewin, Regional Sales Director, Cirium

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WEBINAR (May 7, 2020)
Coronavirus: the route to a planned and predictable aviation industry recovery
Moderator Andrew Doyle will pose timely questions to a panel regarding the scale of the task of recovery, comparisons with previous crises, how long and where have inactive aircraft been parked and more.

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WEBINAR (April 2020)
Impact of Coronavirus on the aviation market
With experts Rob Morris and George Dimitroff who explore how the downturn in demand may affect the aviation finance and leasing market. They'll talk about the impact on aviation asset values, monitoring airline operations, scheduled vs flown utilization patterns and trends in the market.

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WEBINAR (December 2019)
Moving your strategy beyond the walled garden
How airlines and their service partners can take control of their 2020 results

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ISTAT Americas 2020 presentation (March 2020)
A spotlight on aviation finance trends 
Access Rob Morris’s presentation on the aviation market and Covid-19 here

Cirium LIVE (February 2020)
Singapore Briefing Webinar 2020
- 737 Max grounding impact on capacity-growth forecasts
- Business cycles in aviation: where are we right now?
- Coronavirus impact on aviation industry
- Key discussion points from the Singapore Airshow

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