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Cirium - 5 ways smart analytics are changing travel

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Top five ways analysts can use aviation data in 2020

January 10, 2020

Capture insight from analytics We believe it is important that your team of analysts are focused on the areas most […]

Capture insight from analytics
We believe it is important that your team of analysts are focused on the areas most relevant to the growth of the business.  You need to be bold and challenge the status quo by merging various data sets to gain an independent perspective. If you are looking at airline fleet growth, then are you comparing these data points against route growth and by ASK? Merging data sets can be complex if you use multiple sources, therefore negatively impacting the quality of your insight. In 2020, focus your attention on capturing knowledge from multiple data sets, but make life easy by using one single source of schedules, fleet,values and flight status aviation data.

Predict the future
The aviation industry is reliant on passenger figures and these continue to rise at a healthy rate around the world. In addition, Cirium’s consultants predict that over 40% of the future fleet between 2019 and 2038 will be delivered to the Asia-Pacific region. It is important that you can show the breakdown of predicted growth by aircraft type and route development. Furthermore, diving into detail to understand the breakdown of retirements vs new orders will enable you to plan more effectively.

Aircraft fleet growth by region

(Aviation fleet prediction by region from Cirium)

Understanding the potential opportunities available in different regions will be a vital way that aviation fleet and schedules data can help you plan for tomorrow.

Discover leading indicators
Staying one step ahead of the competition by truly understanding changes in the market allows you to build a clear strategy. However, is it truly possible to know the full story? In truth no data set will give you all the answers, but it will raise flags and help you discover leading indicators of risk. As a bank investing in aviation you want to ensure an airline or lessor is going to meet repayment schedules on-time. If you could spot a leading indicator about airline operational performance either positive or negative before a deal, then it will provide you with data-based evidence to support your decision.

Target the bullseye
An objective of every organisation is to precisely forecast a customer’s future buying behaviour – what will they buy and when will they buy? Big data and analytics will play a role in providing you with the insight you need to more accurately predict a sale. If you work at an MRO, you can use fleets data to view an airline’s MRO contract holder and contract end date. This provides you with intelligence to target a specific airline about their requirements at the correct time. In the case of an airline you can use capacity information by route and aircraft type to understand if a new route will prove financially viable for your organisation.

Manage risk
Understand the current market value of commercial, helicopter and business aircraft and engines around the world.  Cirium’s team of appraisers base their values on data from the market. In 2019 this group captured over 1,600 lines of data on aircraft leases, maintenance costs and sales tractions. In addition, they conduct value review boards on every aircraft type throughout a 12-month period. Furthermore, if an aircraft or engine transaction occurs that is considerably higher or lower than Cirium’s valuation then an ad-hoc review of that aircraft type is conducted. If a value changes then this is put forward through a value change proposal and a team of Cirium appraisers discuss and debate the proposal before deciding as a team.

Learn more about how Cirium’s team of experts produce values by listening to George Dimitroff (Head of Valuations) explain current market values and future market values

About Cirium’s aviation data

We are building a data lake like no other, comprising of proprietary, researched and contributory data through our partnerships. Our focus is on the quality of the data sets and the personal touch we apply to navigate the complexities and produce simplified solutions.

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