September 2019 Airline On-time Performance

The on-time performance report compares the on-time arrival performance of major, regional, and low-cost carriers around the world.

Living in the age of big data allows airlines to take a deeper look at how to improve on-time performance.

Airlines can now rapidly generate visibility to flag operational issues, by building on-time metrics into their performance tracking dashboards. Airlines are now using data analytics to monitor on-time performance by route, by airport and by aircraft, in order to rapidly surface issues to make changes and gradually improve operations. The most data-driven airlines also hold frequent operational meetings where team members from across the airline gather to analyze individual details that had an impact on on-time performance.

Note: A flight is considered “on time” if the aircraft arrives at the gate within 14 minutes 59 seconds (less than 15 minutes) of the scheduled arrival time.

On-time Arrival Performance of All Major Global Airlines
All Flights (Network)

September 2019 on-time performance

  1. LATAM Airlines 89.73%
  2. Aeroflot 89.64%
  3. Delta Air Lines 88.99%
  4. South African Airways 88.8%
  5. Singapore Airlines 88.77%
  6. Qatar Airways 87.42%
  7. SriLankan Airlines 86.52%
  8. ANA 86.25%
  9. Oman Air 86.1%
  10. American Airlines 85.2%

On-time Arrival Performance of Major Airlines by Region
All Flights (Network)


September 2019 on-time performance

  1. Singapore Airlines 88.77%
  2. Cathay Dragon 87.48%
  3. SriLankan Airlines 86.52%
  4. ANA 86.25%
  5. Air New Zealand 86.12%


September 2019 on-time performance

  1. Aeroflot 89.64%
  2. Finnair 84.23%
  3. Air France 84.13%
  4. Iberia 83.29%
  5. Norwegian Air Shuttle 80.83%

Latin America

September 2019 on-time performance


  1. Copa Airlines 94.42%
  2. LATAM Airlines 89.73%
  3. LATAM Airlines Brasil 84.55%
  4. Aerolineas Argentinas 81.61%
  5. Aeromexico 81.5%

Middle East & Africa

September 2019 on-time performance

  1. South African Airways 88.80%
  2. Qatar Airways 87.42%
  3. Oman Air 86.1%
  4. Emirates 84.57%
  5. Air Arabia 84.4%

North America

September 2019 on-time performance


  1. Delta Air Lines 88.99%
  2. Southwest Airlines 88.92%
  3. Spirit Airlines 88.53%
  4. Allegiant Air 86.31%
  5. WestJet 86.26%

On-time Arrival Performance of Low-cost Carriers
All Flights (Network)

September 2019 on-time performance

  1. Air Do 91.83%
  2. StarFlyer 91.1%
  3. Skymark Airlines 90.4%
  4. Solaseed Air 89.5%
  5. Southwest Airlines 88.92%

Accomplishing more with OTP

On-time arrival performance not only drives positive customer experiences, but it also drives operational efficiencies that reduce cost and improves the bottom line. Cirium is the trusted source of measuring arrival performance for airlines and airports around the globe.

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