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A front-line approach to rebooting aviation’s collective operations during Covid-19

In a new e-book, Cirium's Andrew Doyle and Joanna Lu provide advice on the importance of collaboration across the industry

The Covid-19 crisis is the worst market shock in the history of aviation. Never before has the complex, interconnected and highly regulated global industry ground to a halt on such a grand scale and for such a long period of time.

Cirium was honored to host a forum recently, attended by 35 top professionals from airlines worldwide. Cirium’s mission was to diagnose the risks and opportunities for a practical, planned and predictable recovery of the aviation industry. As a follow-up, Andrew Doyle, Director Market Development at Cirium and Joanna Lu, Head of Consultancy Asia at Ascend by Cirium have developed an e-book to assist navigating recovery strategies.

Read Cirium’s new e-book: A front-line approach to rebooting aviation’s collective operations during Covid-19.

  • See how to utilize Cirium fleets, schedules, aviation asset values, flight and aircraft activity data for building an effective strategy to set organizations up for recovery.

Cirium aviation e-book



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