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Cirium weekly COVID-19 update – Regional, domestic and international travel

New hot spots, cross-border travel restrictions and quarantine requirements has resulted in a huge disparity in aviation markets

Global passenger jet flight numbers declined overall in September compared with the prior month, reflecting typical seasonality in demand as the northern summer peak season drew to a close. However activity remained at approximately half the level recorded for 2019.

As of October 7 the global regions were experiencing decidedly mixed fortunes with seven-day rolling average flight numbers compared with the seventh day prior down 8.2% for European operators, where confirmed COVID-19 cases were again rising sharply in many countries.

US operators meanwhile have remained in positive territory since September 21 and recorded a 3.7% week-on-week increase for October 7, while China was at +2.3%. The rest of Asia Pacific posted an encouraging rise of nearly 6%.

governmental restrictions and quarantines

Compared with the equivalent day last year total flights flown by Chinese operators were only 1.6% down, but US operators were nearly 50% down and Europe, Asia Pacific excluding China and the rest of the world were down by more than 60%.

The prevalence of government-imposed cross-border travel restrictions and quarantine requirements has resulted in a huge disparity in the impact of the pandemic on international operations versus domestic. At October 7 daily tracked international flight numbers remained down by more than three quarters compared with the equivalent day last year, while domestic activity was down approximately 35%.

Cirium classified just over 8,200 passenger jets as having in-storage status at October 7, equivalent to approximately 31% of the global fleet.

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