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10 ways Cirium loves data

February 10, 2020

As you can see from the above timeline video, Cirium is built on a legacy of innovation: smart data, analytics […]

As you can see from the above timeline video, Cirium is built on a legacy of innovation: smart data, analytics and consultancy portfolios brought together. With the combined power of our acquired companies, we’re poised for the digital transformation of the wider travel industry.

Yet, people always ask us, “Why should we trust your data?”

The answer is simple.

We love data.

And because we love it, we take care of it. We make sure it achieves the highest possible levels of accuracy, timeliness and coverage.

How do we love data? Let us count the ways…

  1. We hire the best people with in-depth industry knowledge to help us navigate the nuances and complexities of aviation and big data.
  2. We take a fail-safe approach to data collection by applying multi-source aggregation practices to create a clean, consistent “truth” from hundreds of overlapping sources. Most of our data comes from our trusted industry relationships with airlines, airports, GDSs, the FAA, OEMs, banks, lessors, etc.
  3. We bring data to market as quickly as possible without compromising on quality, ensuring our customers have the actionable information they need, when they need it, to make crucial decisions.
  4. We employ sophisticated tools to help us enhance the data and fill in the gaps. When there are conflicting updates, we apply advanced algorithms and logic to identify the most reasonable data points and construct a more complete picture from a smaller sample of data.
  5. We refine data into a standard format to ensure consistency and ease-of-use for our customers. From acquisition to processing to distribution, our data is constantly improved as it travels through our pipeline.
  6. We apply a personal touch to our data using human verification because we know sometimes the best quality check is the eye of an industry expert.
  7. We deliver our data in a variety of ways, from data feeds and APIs to web tools and dashboards, so it is always fit for purpose and can support sophisticated use cases.
  8. We combine data with other related data sets, so our experts and customers can derive better insights by connecting the dots across data silos.
  9. We keep an extensive historical record of our data, which is critical for industry benchmarking and intelligent product development. For example, we have the most complete and comprehensive archive of fleet data (since 1947) and flight history data (since 2004) in the world.
  10. We are constantly fine tuning and evaluating our processes and technology. We apply customer feedback and adapt to changes in the industry, which ensures our data is the most reliable and up-to-date in the industry.

Learn more about our data science processes and find out how our data and analytical expertise can help your business.

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