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(live date: Monday, NOVEMBER 22)

Next level airline decision systems

Machine learning and emerging technologies in airline planning


Join Cirium technologists as they discuss new technologies transforming airline decision systems and planning. Tools like machine learning and contextual data are core to building new demand models designed to manage today’s changing demand dynamics.


  • New technologies for decision making
    Operational and schedule related decision making happens faster than ever to avoid disruption, making the need for automation increasingly important and freeing time to focus on the customer experience and brand.
  • The promise of machine learning and contextually aware data
    Disruption creates opportunity. Applying technology to move forward.
  • Machine learning demo
    Be among the first to get a preview of Cirium’s machine learning capabilities and discover new ways of identifying future demand changes.


Abheer Kolhatkar
Product Director at Cirium
Stephen Quirke
Lead Product Manager at Cirium
Matteo Pallini
Machine Learning Engineer at Cirium
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