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Cirium live Webinar
June 3, 2021 | 3 PM BST; 10 AM ET

The digital future of flight

Airlines need to work to optimize digitization for airline operations with partners who have the expertise to help achieve their goals.


Is big data the fuel to accelerate digital transformation in the aviation sector? Cirium has spoken to major airlines, airports, ANSPs, OEMs, MROs and financial institutions who cite digital transformation as a priority to their recovery. Join Cirium LIVE for the Digital transformation of aviation, to hear from Cirium data and technology experts, and from industry leaders on the importance of a digital first strategy. Rachel Humphries, Director Of Communications at Cirium will moderate the webinar.

Keynote: Developing a 360-degree view of aviation with a digital first strategy.

Jim Hetzel, Head of Product Management, Cirium shares big-data trends from the past 12 months. He provides five top tips for aviation professionals to manage data in an effective manner.

Key takeaways:

  • Benchmark a data strategy against the best in the aviation sector
  • How to always ensure data is flowing on time and with a high level of accuracy
  • What data sets to use and what to discard – top tips

Panel discussion: Has the pandemic made the aviation industry think more about digitization?

Jim Hetzel hosts Niha Shaikh, Senior Product Manager, Cirium and guest panelist, Daniel Stecher, VP Airline Operations – Aviation Operations Solutions, IBS Software, to discuss if now is the time to start thinking about digitization.

Participants will address:

  • How does fusing internal and external data sets help airlines?
  • Why a connected ecosystem could improve collaborative decision making across airlines
  • Challenges faced by the aviation sector and what it can learn from Telco & Banking
  • The role of smart data in a post-pandemic world

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