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Cirium Sky is an air operations ready, data-management as-a-service solution for the aviation industry.

NATS, unlocking data to optimize airline operations

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NATS Mission Optimization Services (NATS MOS) is a secure cloud-based platform that allows airline customers to explore post-operational analytics, insight and competitor benchmarking in order to maximize flight efficiency.

UK NATS MOS relies on Cirium Sky (formally Laminar Data Private Cloud) as its end-to-end data management platform for the management and exchange of flight, aeronautical and weather information to enable Airline efficiency and operates at 99.9% availability with a 365/24/7 service level agreement in place.

IATA Turbulence Aware

Unforeseen turbulence particularly clear-air turbulence (CAT), adds millions of dollars worth of unplanned expenses to the global airline industry. Turbulence events may cause damage to the structure of aircraft, physically injure flight crew and passengers, impair flight crew performance, damage cabin interiors and divert aircraft off their optimal flight paths. As a result of climate change severe clear air turbulence encounters are projected to increase by up to 140%, therefore a platform for real-time sensing, monitoring and alerting of pilots and flight dispatchers to these turbulence events is required by the global airline community.


Clear-air turbulence is difficult to avoid as it cannot be detected by aircraft radar systems but it can be sensed by on-board sensors when an aircraft flies through these invisible “air pockets”. These sensor readings are passed through algorithms which compute the intensity of turbulence and transmit their values to ground-based servers. A number of airlines already gather this information and use it in their own flight dispatch systems, however, until today, there has been no way for airlines to share this information with each other.


IATA created the Turbulence Aware program after 96% of respondents to an IATA feasibility study – including airlines, air navigation service providers, and militaries – stated that they required real-time, objective data about the location and severity of turbulence. Turbulence Aware will collect, anonymize, and consolidate aircraft-sensed turbulence data from multiple airline operators onto one cloud-based platform that will be made available to all airlines and will provide flight operations departments and pilots with real-time situational awareness of clear-air turbulence events around the world. A governance board comprising of IATA and some of the world’s most innovative airlines (Delta, Southwest, United, American Airlines, Air France, Qantas, Cathay Pacific, Japan Airlines, China Southern, Aer Lingus, EasyJet, Lufthansa, Swiss and WestJet) has been established to drive the vision and roadmap of the Turbulence Aware platform on behalf of the global airline community.


After an extensive competitive evaluation, IATA selected Cirium Sky (formerly Laminar Data Private Cloud) to build, host and manage the cloud-based Turbulence Aware data management platform using Cirium Sky for AirOps. The Cirium Sky managed cloud solution receives, anonymizes, processes, stores and distributes turbulence data from each participating airline’s fleet of aircraft in real-time. This turbulence data is easily accessible to airline flight dispatch systems and pilot applications via simple to consume APIs or a browser-based turbulence viewer. In addition, the Cirium Sky platform serves as an archive of turbulence data for post-flight analyses, academic research and refinement of turbulence forecast models.

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