Cirium provides supply and demand analysis in one solution, by offering global traffic sizing capability alongside worldwide airline schedules via the industry’s leading market intelligence platform.


Get insights and answer the question: How many passengers actually flew from point A to point B in a particular time period, and how much did they pay?

Global traffic sizing capability - from the industry leading market intelligence platform

Cirium’s Full Market Traffic shows O&D and Segment detail for all worldwide airports. Results can be summarized for the origin and destination or expanded to show itinerary detail, including up to two connection points (and three airlines).

Traffic and fare data also includes detail to view operating and marketing airline, passenger share, service class, yield and point of origin.

Enrich your analysis:

  • Operational and financial planning and forecasting
  • Market research into traveler trends
  • Business development for both growth and retention

Get the complete picture: supply and demand analytics together

Cirium provides a suite of data and analytics tools for the aviation industry. Access to Traffic and Fares is available within the world’s leading analytical tools for commercial aviation — Diio Mi and SRS Analyser.

  • View historical activity and gain advanced understanding into future trends
  • Create forecast scenarios incorporating demand insights
  • Anticipate traveler demand to build complete aviation development pitches

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