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A review of commercial flight-activity figures across North America, Europe & Asia for 2021 and an overview of airline operational performance in 2020


Hear from Mike Malik, Cirium’s Chief Marketing Officer as he provides a 2020 year in review that includes analysis on the five best airlines and airports for on-time performance around the world. Rob Morris, Head of Global Consultancy, Ascend by Cirium will provide further detail on the aviation markets flight-plan to recovery, including an analysis of global and regional demand trends based on schedule and flight-flown activity.


The 2020 On-Time Performance Review – Mike Malik (20 minutes)

  • What was the total impact of COVID-19 on flights in 2020?
  • Were there any glimmers of hope or signs of recovery?
  • Why did some operators keep flying when others didn’t? Were all airports affected the same?
  • If the traditional ways of looking at on-time performance matter less in a time of disruption, what can we learn from on-time performance data going into 2021?

The flight-plan to recovery – Rob Morris (20 minutes)

  • How is the recovery progressing – analysis of global and regional demand trends based on schedules and flight-flown activity
  • Return to service of the global commercial passenger jet fleet – what is back in service and what is driving returns
  • Recovery scenarios for 2022 and beyond
  • Forecasting the risk to airlines in 2021 – sale and leaseback trends in commercial aviation

Q&A from the audience – (15-20 minutes), Andrew Ainsworth will moderate this discussion

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