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Ascend by Cirium: Paris and beyond – The outlook for commercial aviation


May 2023 Cirium Ascend webinar

As normality returns for air passengers in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, commercial aviation faces a fundamentally reshaped landscape and an array of ongoing challenges. In this month’s Ascend by Cirium webinar, Rob Morris, George Dimitroff and Alex Vathylakis will explore the key forces shaping the sector and assess what lies ahead.

Join us live as our expert presenters share data and commentary on the values landscape, examine the impact of ongoing supply issues, and look forward to the 2023 Paris Air Show.


  • Supply and demand in-depth
  • Values and lease rates update
  • Paris Air Show preview – what to look out for
  • Panel discussion and Q&A


MODERATOR: Lalitya Dhavala
Valuations Consultant, Ascend by Cirium
Global Head of Consultancy, Ascend by Cirium
George Dimitroff Head of Valuations, ISTAT AppraiserPRESENTER: George Dimitroff
Head of Valuations, Ascend by Cirium
Alex Vathylakis PhD Valuations AnalystPRESENTER: Alex Vathylakis
Senior Valuations Analyst, Ascend by Cirium
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