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Enabling real-time business intelligence for airlines

Cirium Sky for Airline Operations is a managed data warehouse enabling airlines to quickly discover actionable insights backed by a wealth of operational data and context.

Cirium Sky for Airline Ops empowers airline mission management and analysis teams with powerful insights across the strategic, tactical, and post completion view of flights. 

Managed Data

Make airline operations data actionable

World-leading aviation data ready to go

Get instant access to flagship data from The Cirium Core including: fleets, schedules, flight status, airport, traffic management initiatives, FAA SWIM and weather.

One common operational picture

Fused and crossed-referenced data provides a common operational picture of performance, competition and key traffic hubs.

Fully managed

Cloud hosted, secure and highly available, Cirium Sky for Airline Ops is backed by a comprehensive service level agreement to meet operational demands.

Open access

Open interfaces enable easy analysis and visualization of insights through querying the underlying data or connecting to off-the-shelf BI tools and analytics platforms.

Sample applications

Market development
Analyze and understand important market and industry trends to make informed route and network planning decisions

Route analysis and development
Master network planning and air service development. Analyze and monitor route economics and competitive performance.

Schedule and block optimization
Analyze historic block times, taxi-out/in, times to optimize future schedule. Establish schedule buffers based on detailed block, taxi and turn around data.

Competitive benchmarking
Compare operational performance metrics across global carriers and airports. track real-time and historic metrics going back one to three years.

Regional and alliance performance
Monitor and manage performance across all regional and alliance partners to deliver exceptional passenger experiences.

Fleet performance by route
Monitor and compare key operational performance metrics for own and competitor fleets on each route and market.

Ops control center insights
Monitor network-wide operational performance in real-time. Get full situational awareness of own and other airline operations and actions.

Disruption management
Real-time insights enable faster response times during disruptions and irregular operations (IROPs)

Surface operations
See airport surface congestion and tarmac delays through taxi-out and in monitoring. Monitor arriving, departing and aircraft on the ground.

Airport station monitoring
Monitor utilization, aircraft turns, buffers by gate and identify issues impacting operational reliability.

Demand and capacity monitoring
Monitor network-wide operational performance metrics. Realtime insights enable faster response times during disruptions and IROPs.

Gate utilization and passenger flow
Monitor utilization, aircraft turns, buffers by gate and identify issues impacting operational reliability. Track real-time estimates of passenger flow.

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