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Cirium is empowering the global aviation industry to reach a more sustainable future with the most accurate aircraft emissions data

As a Sustainability partner, we’re helping the aviation industry gain a much clearer view of their carbon emissions to develop methods to reduce them, enabling delivery on the promise to fly sustainably. Read the annoucement.
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Deliver on your sustainable promise with the most accurate, historic and predicted flight emissions data in the marketplace.

We will help you to gain clear insights to your emissions footprint and make informed decisions on your sustainability strategies.

Trusted market leader green-s

Trusted market leader

As the world’s leading aviation analytics firm, we provide the most powerful and comprehensive combination of aviation data, analytics, and the industry’s most accurate emissions methodology. Our commitment and investment in new solutions and product innovation will enable the industry to meet evolving needs and expectations.

Aviation industry expertise green-s

Unmatched industry expertise

With decades of deep industry knowledge and unparalleled experience, we take a consultative approach to sustainability. We provide you with unbiased insights into your operations. We help identify opportunities, recommend solutions and help implement them across your organization.

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Partnership approach green-s

Strength through partnerships

We have partnered with leading industry stakeholders to innovate and build the path towards a sustainable future for travel. As your sustainability partner, we are committed to helping you reach your sustainability goals and the entire aviation industry fly sustainably.

We are here to help us all fly sustainably


We are taking a
consultative approach
to sustainability

Wherever you are on your sustainability journey,
Cirium can help you reach your goals. 

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    Emissions data is embedded in our product DNA

    We’re surfacing emissions data into our existing products and developing new solutions to meet industry’s evolving needs.

    Discover authoritative and independent flight emissions data for reporting, monitoring, and benchmarking. Discover more.
    Access the most comprehensive fleets database including Electric Aircraft and Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) for eVTOL aircraft which play a key role in the aviation sector in the coming years, particularly around helping the global community achieve goals tied to sustainability. Discover more.
    Gain access to the most-trusted aviation data, now with detailed information on Advanced Air Mobility (AAM) aircraft and comprehensive fuel burn and emissions data by flight. Discover more.


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