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The heart of digital transformation

Data is transforming the aviation and air travel industry, Cirium makes it easy.

Cirium Access

Cirium Access is a suite of tools to help you to shape an intelligent future by incorporating the industry’s best data resources into IT systems, enterprise applications and customer apps.

Cirium Access provides API (Cirium Connect), download, FTP or direct delivery (Cirium Direct) access to complete data sets for airlines, airports, manufacturing, service and government. We work with IT departments, independent software vendors and enterprise developers to make sure data is delivered securely, safely and accurately.

Cirium Access Portfolio

Cirium Connect
Cirium Connect enables easy access to more than 30 different data sets and robust filtering and parsing.

Cirium Direct
Download data when you need it, or schedule a recurring cron job. Cirium Direct gives you the ability to download the data you need, when you need it. It can be used by developers or uploaded into analysis tools without the need of complex coding.


Extend data to the enterprise

Machine learning

Cirium datasets go back 20 years. We provide the only datasets robust enough to train and develop a machine learning system on. Using Cirium data, you have in hand enough historical data to create and feed accurate AI models.

Data formats

Robust documentation and solid support make it easy to find the information you need and incorporate it into your systems. We’ve been collecting data since 2004, so we don’t change our formats or mapping lightly.


Cirium’s parent company is in the business of risk management, so we take security very seriously, we depend on our data and want you to be comfortable doing the same.

Data quality

We’re not only aviation experts, we’re data experts. We run more than 40 tests to validate our data and make sure there are no errors or data issues in the files we provide.

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