Flight and passenger data for more than 35 million flights

The Cirium Core covers more than 35 million flights annually and 97% of all commercial flights. Complete passenger number records and itineraries are stored for each flight, along with schedule, route and flight disruption data. 

Information for bespoke travel solutions and commercial planning

Travel service providers including corporate travel organizations tap into Cirium’s data to create a personalized, relevant experience for the traveler. Accurate PNR and itinerary information helps providers prepare, communicate and make adjustments for flight and trip disruptions. Corporate travel providers and travel agents can use this data to match waivers to their travelers.

Global flights and trips data report

Requisite data for travel applications

  • 35 million flights tracked per year covering over 97% of scheduled flights worldwide 
  • PNR monitoring to match trips to waivers 
  • Enterprise attributes to meet corporate travel program requirements 
  • Flight status and tracking by airline, airport and route 
  • Scheduled, estimated and actual departure/arrival times, equipment type, delay calculations, terminal, gate and baggage carousel data 
  • Access by flight, route, fleet and geographic area 

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