Integrate Cirium data into an independent data service

On occasion, Cirium will enable other day service providers access to Cirium data. This page discusses these integration partnership opportunities. If you are an airline and wish to share your schedule data with Cirium and become a data provider, see our other partner page.

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Who does Cirium Partner with?

We look for partners with a unique solution for a specific market segment or region, that doesn’t overlap with the companies and industries we currently serve. We realize we cannot solve all the problems on our own; therefore 3rd-party solutions that integrate our data to solve a unique market problem make a strong case for partnership.

How are partnerships structured?

There are no major fees up front, the partner only pays when their customers have come to them and asked for the integration with Cirium data. This removes the up-front investment barrier that many organizations face.

Sample integration partners

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Dubai Technology Partners (DTP) is enabling enhanced airport operations systems throughout the Middle East, via access to Cirium data. Sourcing the right data can be a challenge, so DTP integrates Cirium data for quicker and smoother implementations for DTP customers.

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15below works with more than 50 airlines globally to automate passenger communications. Extracting the data needed from some airlines for these communications can prove challenging at times, which is why 15below turned to Cirium. Cirium’s global flight status data and trip monitoring capabilities help to expedite the integration process so airlines can quickly apply advanced targeting and personalization to their traveler engagement programs.

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Cirium partnered WorldAware, to process destination-specific travel safety and health advisories and combine it with Cirium’s already best-in-class trip monitoring technology. Airlines have the flexibility to filter health and safety advisories and alerts per trip destination and link that content to trip status info for a streamlined experience. Corporate travel departments currently relying on WorldAware services for their risk intelligence, will also benefit from enhanced trip alerting. By combining two distinct sets of data, we are making it easy for the industry to connect their chosen solutions with the combination of data and services they feel best suits their business needs.

GoHawk needed more comprehensive flight schedule options in their unique online mapping platform. GoHawk wanted to provide travelers with the best quality data to search and plan their trips and that’s where Cirium matched GoHawk’s technology with Cirium’s extensive schedules data

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